Dining Out:
We highly recommend you dine out at Danny’s Cafe located just down the road from the Villa in Conch Bar for lunch or dinner, Chef Devon’s cooking is superb! We recommend the fish, conch, and lobster when in season. Following dinner pop on over to┬áKim’s Bar 50 yds away on the other side of the road; this is a good place to grab a brew or drink. I’m personally a big fan of the Guinness Foreign Extra there!


Opening in December of 2012 there will be a new restaurant at Blue Horizon Resort at Mudjin Harbor along the sea-cliffs, this is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit!

Bikes are now available for rent in Conch Bar. Call the Sports Shack at (649) 946-6174.

Cave Tours:

Cardinal Arthur (649)946-6107 provides caves tours of the extensive underground caves at Conch Bar. You can also enjoy a quick stop on your own at the Indian Caves on the way to Mudjin Harbor.


The newly dedicated Crossing Place Trail runs the entire length of Middle Caicos, along the North coast. It goes right by the villa, utilizing the old coastal road; it runs through Conch Bar, and out past scenic Mudjin Harbor, Norbelis Cove, and on to where locals used to cross over to North Caicos at low tide. There are also other hikes out to the old loyalist ruins off the newly constructed Half Creek Road.


There is excellent fishing both inside and outside the barrier reef. Bone fishing on the sand flats off the south side of the island is as good as it gets. Dolphus Arthur and John Forbes Jr. both offer fishing and/or snorkeling tours on their boats. Cardinal Arthur, Brody Forbes, and Hormel Harvey are also fishing guides.


Don’t miss the scenic cliffs of Mudjin Harbor, the large sea cave there, as well during the winter the view of the Humpback whales passing by is amazing. Just beyond Mudjin the cliffs continue out past scenic Norbelis Cove. Car rentals are available through Hormel Harvey (649) 946-6101 and Ernest Forbes Sr. (649) 946-6140, who also does nice cave tours and sightseeing tours of the island.


There are two sets of Coral Gardens to the west of the house. One is only 100 yards down the beach and the other main reef is about 250-300 yards to the west. To the east at low tide, a long beach walk brings you to a nice sand bar leading out to Pelican Cay. If you snorkel around the island a nice reef runs along the back side, with quite a variety of tropical fish to be seen here. Close to Conch Bar on the shore road, Samuel’s Landing (marked by a bowling pin) provides both good snorkeling and swimming.


Due to both the incredibly clean air and the lack of light pollution, you’ll be amazed at how many more stars and how much more of the Milky Way you can see on moonless nights while staying at Dreamscape Villa.


As regular supermarkets are not available on Middle Caicos guests have 2 choices when it comes to groceries:

(1) After clearing customs you can catch a cab and take a short ride into town and do most of your shopping at either the Island Pride or IGA supermarket (the IGA is a longer ride, but the produce section is as good as anything you see at home) and is on the way to the ferry landing. I would also recommend you purchase your beer, liquor and any other perishables you desire here.


(2) You can save time and avoid shopping for everything but canned goods, produce and perishables by packing a 50 qt. cooler filled with frozen meats, veggies, butter, berries, shrimp, appetizers, liquor, etc., making sure it weighs 50 lbs. or less. Mom + Pop stores are available on Middle with eggs, potatoes, soda, canned goods, rice, long life milk and flour usually available.